Kevin Green shares the stage with former US President Bill Clinton

South Wales millionaire and entrepreneur Kevin Green has spoken of his delight at sharing the stage with former US President Bill Clinton at a major UK business conference.

The Entrepreneurs 2012 four-day intensive business conference attracted an audience of more than 10,000 to London’s ExCel arena, with 3,000 packed into the hall for Clinton’s keynote address.

“Obviously, it was one of the biggest events I’ve done in my role as a motivational and business speaker,” said Kevin.

“The running order went from Bill Clinton, former US President, straight to Kevin Green, millionaire and entrepreneur.

“Not bad, I thought . . . having Bill Clinton as your warm-up man!” Kevin joked.

“As you would expect Clinton’s speech was very inspirational. The guy arrived with a massive security entourage and there is a real aura about him as a speaker.

“Without a doubt, he is the biggest draw in the world at the moment in terms of public speaking. I’m very proud of the fact that I was invited to speak at the event.”

Kevin added: “As you would expect, it was a very exciting day for me, but not without its hiccups. Clinton brought some very sophisticated audio-visual equipment along for the show and when his kit was disconnected, the music and AV material for my presentation wouldn’t load on the computer equipment. It was a case, of, gulp, what now?

“It was a bit scary at the time, but I carried one doing my thing and the audience reacted well – and we managed to fit in my famous Wealth Dance.

“All in all, it was a great experience and I managed to do my bit to help the former President’s charity, the Clinton Foundation.

“With more than 3,000 people in the audience, I asked everyone to put £10 in the pot, so we raised a few thousands for the Clinton Foundation.

“Later, there was a charity dinner, at which Clinton was the guest of honour.

“The evening saw a charity auction in aid of the Prince’s Trust. I dipped my hand into my own pocket and had a successful auction bid for £5,000 for tickets for the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, tickets provided by Team Lotus.

“The generous Lotus guys then cash-matched that donation for £5,000, making a total gain of £10,000 for the Prince’s Trust.”