Kevin Green Wealth Business Coaching

The Kevin Green Wealth (KGW) Business Coaching programme is a course of intensive wealth coaching.

The KGW coaching client is appointed a primary coach for the duration. Each coach has been hand-picked by Kevin for their superior achievements in wealth creation and their exceptional abilities in empowering others.

The programme starts with a three-hour session, face to face, in your country with the primary coach of the client’s choice. The primary coach is in contact with the client for a period of one hour per week.

Clients will be assigned a coaching plan with on-going expansion of business growth and problem solving. At the end of the course the client and the coach will review the programme and design a plan to build on going forward. This process has proven to work very well in guiding people through their journey on wealth creation. Each KGW coaching package is unique and structured to meet the needs of the client. It can accommodate anyone from people with no experience in wealth creation to already established investors by enhancing their expertise. We also specialise in corporate coaching please contact for further details.

The programme can be tailored to property and/or any other business. All coaches involved exercise multiple business options and Kevin will match the needs of the client to the coach.

The KGW team measure their performance through the success achieved by their clients. Whilst we cannot guarantee success as this is largely down to the drive and enthusiasm of the client, we have achieved a 100% success rate to date with all clients achieving their goals.

For more information regarding the Kevin Green Wealth Business Coaching programme, please e-mail