Renie Spreadbury

reniespreadburyRenie Spreadbury is the founder and owner of luxury London wedding stationery design house Perfect Day Weddings.

Her business specialises in offering a personal bespoke design service to sophisticated professional couples who want a tailor-made wedding stationery solution to exacting standards.

The business has a reputation for excellence, producing exquisite handmade stationery using the finest materials and providing a first-rate personal customer experience.

She has appeared on television (A Different Kind of Woman), been shortlisted for a national wedding award ( Hitched Breakthrough Awards 2015), featured in magazines and writes articles for her own blog and other wedding websites.

Her creative journey began with a History of Art Degree, followed by a successful career in magazine publishing at one of the UK’s largest magazine houses, Haymarket Publishing. She then freelanced on many titles.

With fellow coach and husband Ian, she is building a property investment portfolio, focusing on flips, rent to rent and lease options.

She has a positive approach and her glass is usually half full, if not brimming over! She is enthusiastic, passionate about helping others achieve their goals, follow their dreams and be the best, the happiest and most fulfilled they can be