Regan Duggan

My father lost his arm at 16 in a motorcycle accident, and to be constantly in the presence of a man who I have seen drive articulated lorries, operate cranes, use chain saws and remove car engines on his own can only have a profound effect on your life attitude. I wasn’t brought up to believe things were impossible as everything was possible. And that attitude has stayed with me all my life, there is always a way forward and always a solution all you need to do is open up your thinking to that possibility.

It is not until you reach certain points in life that you realise the sum total of your parts and being able to share my vast experience with others has now become a part of my ongoing journey.

I have a slightly different approach to success than many others, I already believe you are successful, all you need to do is get out of your own way, and my approach is based around that. It is quite incredible how much effort we put into lack of success. But there are always reasons why we do this and my job is to root them out and replace them with the counter, then success will be a natural evolution.

My career is diverse, my first job was forestry followed by industrial engineer, rally mechanic, civil engineer, having my own professional recording studio, master herbalist, sound engineer, sound therapist, EFT practitioner, natural medicine manufacture, locksmith, property and currently sustainable building developments.

I love to learn, currently law, just read a book on neuroscience and several about the SAS, mainly for the mindset. I am constantly researching how to change our patterns and programs as that is the key to physical and emotional wellbeing.

On a personal note I live with my beautiful wife 3 daughters and 2 dogs on the welsh borders overlooking the stunning Black Mountains, working for myself gives me the freedom to do what makes me happy, I have never missed a school play, parents evening or event that my children have taken part in and that to me is the key to success, being able to be present for the magic moments on our journey.