Peri Sophos

Peri Sophos originally from South Africa moved to the UK in 2003 with a very strong set of skills within the Information Technology sector. Although he is still very clued up within the IT sector, being a South African being skilled in one industry at expert level is not good enough, as if one area fails then there must be another area to fall back onto if required.

Although Peri has a love for IT, he also has a strong passion for property and started educating himself in property in 2004 and by 2005/2006 Peri started his investing career and quickly became known as a professional property investor within the UK property market. In 2011 Peri became financially free through property has done many talks to audiences across the UK about different property subjects. Peri is a seasoned professional with diverse experience across the Technology and Property sectors.

Peri to this day still invests in Property and his portfolio ranges from small buy to let properties all the way to multi-units properties and even into different types of developments which he is passionate about.

Peri along with his wife and business partner Debbie runs a rather large sourcing company that provides exclusively for all KGW clients all types of deals for all types of investors. He has personally trained every sourcing agent and team member within the organisation that delivers a world class service to the end client. There is not many that can pull the wool over his eyes as he has a deep understanding of the building industry and everything related to it.

Peri is very passionate about helping others who are like minded and enjoys working with people to help them achieve their goals. He enjoys nothing better than to see success and happiness spread to those who work hard and are determined to get educated and have the ‘’never give up attitude’’

Peri believes that in life we have challenges and not problems. Everything that is a challenge can and will get resolved because it’s a challenge. If we think that everything is a problem, then we will never get anything done!