Monique Wakelkamp

Monique is passionate about property investment, education, training, travelling and reading.

Having led many teams in difficult economic times, Monique is keen on keeping people connected, when uncertainty is at stake. She is eager to find out the real story that people often hide deep inside themselves. Being interested in people’s behaviour, she loves to communicate. She is a keen observer and has an eagle’s eye what is withholding people to move forward. If necessary, she will confront with compassion.

In 2007 she started her first company, working independently on many projects and reorganisations.  Key issues were quickly unravelled, uncertainties revealed and all necessary topics were brought onto the table. There is no subject that cannot be discussed.

As a coach she is dedicated to guide and motivate her coachees and help them get the optimum results. She has a great drive to achieve, and will aid her coachees taking responsibility, and be proud and feel joy for their success.

As a qualified mediator and dispute resolver she understands the various motives of all parties involved. She concentrates on similarities and bridges the gaps between different opinions. She is a good negotiator when emotions run to great heights.

Her motto is ‘face the fear and do it anyway’ and she strongly believes ‘there is always a way’.

Monique has an expanding property portfolio and is specialised in housing solutions to accommodate international students, staff and senior citizens. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband.