Marek Zakurzewski

Marek ZakurzewskiMarek was born and brought up in circumstances far less favourable than others and throughout his life he experienced many difficulties and challenges including business failure and his wife’s serious life-threatening health issues. This has made him realise that he does not want to be in the same rat race as others and he needs to get out of it ASAP. He promised himself no one else from his family tree down the line will ever be poor in his life.

He started working at the age of 12 delivering newspapers and leaflets to help others around him make ends meet and have some pocket money as he never had any beforehand. By the time he was 14, he was already working on construction and renovation sites as he discovered that if he advanced his knowledge in this field, he could grow tremendously and become successful with the correct mindset and attitude.

His first business was in construction industry and since he has created many other very successful businesses in various fields including Renovations and Maintenance, Property Development, Property Sourcing, Project Management and Waste Removal. Marek also has extensive background and experience in sales. He has helped many other small to medium businesses to grow into very successful and profitable entities. He has also built extensive investment property portfolio starting from small and quickly progressing to larger deals.

Marek values personal development at a very high level together with mindset and attitude- “Believe that you can and you’re half way there”. He always sets the bar high and pushes hard.

Marek is adrenaline junkie qualified in Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping and Motorcycling and he believes that “If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future”.

Marek values family time and devotes every spare minute to his loving wife and two beautiful children.

He is passionate about helping others to succeed in business expansion, property journey and
personal development.