John-Paul – Lettings Manager

JP-WebsiteJohn-Paul is educated to Masters level in computing, with over 15 years computing experience, John-Paul has written most of the bespoke systems we use in the day to day running of the office and its businesses.

JP has a massive wealth of knowledge in regards to the housing sector & is fully up to date with all the relevant housing acts including the  latest Housing (Wales) Act 2014. John-Paul was part of the consultation for the introduction of this act & regularly participates in meetings held  in and around the UK in relation to property. He is the overall manager of Kevin Green Lettings, involved in all aspects of the lettings side of the business & ensures the smooth running of the operational side of the Kevin Green’s businesses.

Having worked for 2 multinational banks, Halifax & HSBC where he worked with the wealthiest 3% of the banks customers & he has also managed a local credit union. He is father to 6 Girls (yes six) & his favourite hobby is spending time with his family.