Ian Spreadbury

IanIan brings a wealth of business experience in the set-up, development, launch and management of many companies across a wide spectrum of business sectors. These include design, residential lettings, print management, recruitment, rail training, website development and an award-winning e-learning company during his time as Group MD of a group of companies with a highly entrepreneurial focus. During this time Ian was also overseeing one of the largest corporate rent-to-rent portfolios in the country totalling over 400 units.

He focuses on helping new and existing companies to establish and develop through the application of sound business strategy and systemetisation. Ian specialises in the establishment and improvement of company’s business processes including the use of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Recently Ian has been involved as a founding partner of a breakthrough professional services firm covering business advice, accountancy, tax planning, financial management, general insurance, procurement and financial services.

Ian has been active as a property investor since 2005 in the B2L sector and is currently growing a rent-to-rent portfolio in Southwest London.

As a business performance coach and businessman, Ian seeks to serve all his clients with a passion for their success and to share his experiences to help them achieve their goals.  Ian believes fervently in the application of creative thinking in business, “Very often it is those that think outside the box and are prepared to break the mould that have the greatest success”.