Gordon Burke

250-by-250I left school at 16 to start a career in the telecommunications industry. My first business began when I was 18 in property maintenance, I bought my first property at 20. By 40 I had created 12 businesses climbed the corporate ladder, held senior executive roles in the corporate sector and built an investment property portfolio.
My businesses were in various industries, Construction, Security, Finance, Hospitality, Serviced Apartments, Investment Trusts, Property Development.

The key to lasting success is self reflection and really knowing yourself.

My 5 key strengths are a 1. Learner. 2. Achiever 3.Strategic 4. Ideation (Being able to join the dots of new opportunities) and 5. Relater.

My personal values (The areas my life is focused on) are 1. Business. 2. Wealth Creation. 3 Knowledge Acquisition. (I love to learn and even more to share what I learn with others).

My personal mission is to travel the world learning and sharing what I have learned with others.
I have created and lost millions more than once. My life changed when through illness I starred down death twice, then my 20 year marriage ended and 3 of my businesses crashed. This lead me on a 3 year journey of self discovery to understand me, human behavior and why we do what we do.

Warren Buffet wisely says “Do not expect to manage money or people until you can manage your emotions”.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
I am honored to join the Kevin Green Wealth Business Coaching Team to share my practical knowledge in Property, Business, Construction (I am also a builder) Finance, Human Behavior and the success mindset.
I am a pilot, licensed to drive big trucks, excavators and construction equipment, had my own farm fattening Angus steers for the beef export market. Served multiple terms on 3 boards, chairing 2 of them.
Neuroscience, Axiology and the Subconscious mind are specialist areas of interest for me.
I am blessed to be the dad of 3 beautiful sons Alexander, Nicholas and Thomas

I look forward to being able to help you clarify and achieve your goals and lasting success in all areas of life.
Love and Light
Gordon Burke