Anthony Smiljan


Anthony has achieved what many dream of – creating a passive income. He has a passion for building wealth and joined the Kevin Green team so that he could share his knowledge and help others achieve their goals.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Anthony has a magnitude of skills. He has experience in real estate, forex trading, sales and business operations.

Beginning his career in real estate, Anthony left the Industry in 2002 for an opportunity to consult for a business solutions company. Since then, he has consulted for small to large multi-national corporations with a focus in helping businesses become more efficient with digital workflow. Today, Anthony is focusing on growing the software platform Formitize into a global brand. Of which he is the co-founder and sales director.

Anthony decided to be different to the norm when he noticed that wealthy people have one thing in common. They all have more than one income stream, and build their equity from property, stocks and owning businesses. Anthony decided to follow the same path and has never looked back.

Apart from building wealth and helping others, Anthony loves nothing more than spending time with his family